Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Princess Ankhnesneferibre

Ankhnesneferibre was the daughter of Psamtik II, a pharaoh of the 26th dynasty (6th century BC), which was based in the Delta town of Saite. 

(Saites: name of the 26th dynasty of Egyptian pharaohs, who opened up their country to foreign traders, mercenaries, and settlers.).

Ankhnesneferibre was sent to Thebes to hold the office of ‘God’s Wife of Amun’, which was the highest office in the priesthood of the temple of Amun in Karnak.

She is wearing a so called Nubian wig, a headdress that is built up of layers of tightly curled plaits and which is thought to imitate the thick hairstyles of the Nubian people. 

Princess with Nubian wig

This statue can be seen in the Nubian Museum in Aswan.

Manal Raafat

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