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Bent Pyramid in Dahshur

Did you visit the Bent Pyramid in Dahshure before?
Dahshur is a small town near Cairo - Egypt. 40 Km  from Cairo.

Built by Pharaoh Sneferu in Dahshur .
That pyramid is unique amongst the approximately ninety pyramids to be found in Egypt .
The Bent Pyramid is an ancient Egyptian pyramid located at the royal necropolis of Dahshur, approximately 40 kilometres south of Cairo, built under the Old Kingdom Pharaoh Sneferu (c. 2600 BC). A unique example of early pyramid development in Egypt, this was the second pyramid built by Sneferu.
The lower part of the pyramid rises from the desert at a 55-degree inclination, but the top section is built at the shallower angle of 43 degrees, lending the pyramid its very obvious "bent" appearance.
Archaeologists now believe that the Bent Pyramid represents a transitional form between step-sided and smooth-sided pyramids.

Bent Pyramid in Dahshur
The Bent Pyramid was probably the first planned from the outset to be a true pyramid, with smooth sides.
The Bent Pyramid has a small satellite pyramid which was the final resting place of Sneferu's queen; interestingly there is a connecting tunnel which runs twenty-five metres between the two pyramids, which was built so that Sneferu could visit his queen in the after life.

Interior passages
The Bent Pyramid has two entrances,one fairly low down on the north side. The second entrance is high on the west face of the pyramid. Each entrance leads to a chamber with a high, corbelled roof; the northern entrance leads to a chamber that is below ground level, the western to a chamber built in the body of the pyramid itself.

The entrance of the Bent Pyramid  .

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