Tuesday, July 18, 2017

  Amenemope was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh of the 21st Dynasty.

  Pectoral of King Amenemope (989 –981 BC, 21st Dynasty). 

Inlaid gold pectoral of 21st dynasty king Amenemope of Sais, Lower Egypt.
Architectural frame representing a temple, in the centre a scarab holding a solar disc.

 The pectoral is in the shape of a shrine, with feminine deities goddess Isis and goddess Nephtys in a mirrored pose (To the left and right), flanking the Kheper scarab of solar manifestations.

  Gold, lapiz lazuli, fayence, height 9.8cm.

 Ancient Egypt.

Egypt, Cairo, Egyptian Museum.

A photo for the pectoral  from the Egyptian Museum

I had collected it for you 
Manal Raafat

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